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Health Insurance
Hope Rx and Insurance Sales

Health & Medicare

Are you looking for health insurance? You have come to the right place! Hope RX and Insurance Sales is a leading provider of Low cost health insurance nationwide .We understand the needs of our clients and customize our health insurance plans accordingly. Is this the first time that you are looking for affordable health insurance? We’ve got you covered! Here we have discussed all about health insurance that you need to know.

What is


It’s a contract between a health insurer and you, where your insurer pays your healthcare costs (all or some) in exchange for a premium. Some call it a plan whereas, some call it a policy. This way, you don’t have to pay your healthcare costs.

The premium is the amount that you pay to the insurer for the coverage of your insurance policy. Generally, this amount is paid on a monthly basis. In order to ensure that your coverage stays intact and doesn’t lapse, it is recommended that you pay the premium through a Monthly Bank Draft. 

A health insurer is a company that sells insurance policies

Who Should Apply for Health Insurance?

If you purchase the low cost health insurance for yourself, it’ll be called an individual coverage. Getting health insurance would be right for you if the following points match with you –


It’s more than three months that you’ve been in between jobs


You’re a small business owner/self-employed/owner of a home-based business


You’re not covered by your parents’ health insurance plans


You are not being able to get affordable health insurance in the United States through your employer or you’re not covered through work

Why Should You Purchase

a Health Insurance?

Opt for health insurance if you –


Want access to high-quality health care providers

secure health

Want to keep your health secure in the future with affordable health insurance in San Dimas, as no one knows how your health will be in the next minute

financial ruin

Don’t want to risk your chances of financial ruin

There are health problems that are unexpected and unpredictable. Health insurance is meant to cover those issues. Most people are aware of the term health insurance but confused about how the whole process works, what does the law say about it and which insurance would be right for them. In order to clear your confusion and know everything that you need to know about health insurance, it’s important that you take services from a company that has licensed insurance such as Hope RX and Insurance Sales. Purchase health insurance in San Dimas from us and we promise not to disappoint you! 

Hope Rx and Insurance Sales

Life & Annuities

Do you want to leave your loved ones with a huge financial cost for your funeral? We know you don’t! And that’s why, we, at Hope RX and Insurance Sales, are here with a solution. You can get a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy from us. The benefit? Well, you get to cover all your final expenses with this policy. Depending on your health, we offer our Final Expense Life Insurance policies in three different tiers. This will enable you to get coverage that some other insurance provider might have turned away. These insurance policies are whole life policies. So neither will your premiums go up, nor will your benefits go down. All you have to make sure is that your premiums are paid on time.

Some features of

Final Expense Life Insurance Policy include

Want to make sure that your loved ones are free from the burden of your funeral costs?
Hope Rx and Insurance Sales

Dental & Vision

Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Do you want to get your hands on one of the top dental insurance in the nation. HOPE RX and Insurance Sales is at your service! We offer the highest quality dental insurance along with flexible coverage options. We try to keep your out-of-pocket costs down. We provide plans that cover not only preventative, but also basic dental care. We have a huge network of licensed agents who have all the required knowledge to guide you in every step of choosing the best dental insurance policy for you – a policy that satisfies all your big and small dental care needs. With us, you can now avoid all your unexpected oral health expenses!

Get a dental savings plan from us and pay an annual fee that is much less than your expectation. Go for a dental savings plan and get a number of benefits over traditional dental insurance including no paperwork and no annual limits. We offer dental insurance nation wide and it covers more than 600,000 dentists in the USA. So avail our dental insurance and get the highest quality care at a much bigger saving!

Vision Insurance for a


Are you looking for affordable vision insurance? HOPE RX and Insurance Sales have got you covered! Our vision insurance is made to cover your vision care expenses such as prescription glasses, routine eye exams and contact lenses.

 When you are opting for vision plans to care for your eyes, you want to get the best eye care, right? Get vision insurance from us and we’ll make sure you get the most out of the plan. With us, you get to maximize the benefits of your vision insurance as you may receive discounts on your vision expenses. Have questions regarding our vision insurance plans? Our team is always ready to answer to all your queries. Get in touch with us now!

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